Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pub Meeting

 By Jo
A couple of weeks ago we had our 2nd official EMQG meeting. As I am between shops at present we decided to go to the pub! So we met at The Links Bar in Bruntsfield where we were able to reserve 'The Library Room' for our meeting.

4 people couldn't attend (Jane, Margaret, Lucy, Pauline) but we had to new members: Sheena and Sheila (confusingly!). We had a nice, wide ranging chat and a wonderful show and tell. Tatyana's phone takes these amazing panoramic photos, so we asked a passing lady to take a photo of us all. There's quite a knack to this, so the top photo does have us all in but Tatyana and I are looking slightly 'fractured'. Very impressive though! I've also included the photo below that Tatyana took which is also missing Janice - back at the bar again ;)
Thanks for sending these Tatyana.

As Jane, our minutes secretary, was not at this meeting, and as the informal atmosphere doesn't really lend itself to minutes (and as I am really bad at them!), I will just note the few points that were made here, after referring to my notes (ahem).

We discussed this blog and decided that, for the time being, it would be best if members sent me their biog and a photo (if they want to) and I will post for them, rather than making everyone' admins' at the moment.
So send away folks!

I showed everyone some finished patchwork blocks that had been passed on to me. We talked about what to do with them and decided that we would join 4 blocks together and then sash them into a quilt top. We will start this at the next meeting and divide up the work. We will then baste and hand quilt it together at a furture meeting. The finished quilt will be given to the Autistic Intiatives charity that sets up residential homes throughout Scotland for adults with high-functioning autism. The quilt would be given to a resident who needs it the most.

As there are now 16 of us with possibly more to come in the near future, we thought we would split the Bee into 2 groups of 8. Therefore 2 members (me and Anne) will start things off at the next meeting. We will make a block each and then assemble another block during the meeting to show how it's done, so we will already have 2 blocks towards our quilt. If new members come they can enter the Bee by making catch-up blocks. The list will need to be re-drawn and made into 2, but maybe Jane could do this during the next meeting? At least this way members won't have to wait 18 months before they get a go!

Everybody paid Tatyana their £15 and she paid me for the membership to the MQG.

The next meeting will be in my new shop which is opening this Friday 25th May! Address and directions on our website here.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello and welcome to the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Group!

We are a new group affiliated with the worldwide Modern Quilt Guild movement. This is just a quick first post to get us started as this blog is very much in it's infancy. I hope to write a post after next week's meeting and share some photos of us all.

We then plan to feature biographies of most or all of our group as well as posts about the group activities we are getting started. Till then goodbye and happy sewing!