Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March meeting ...... Blimey it's nearly April!!

Well where the heck did March go too?? Goodness it's almost April and I haven't done this blog post, mea culpa.

In March we said goodbye to the school :-( it was nice meeting at the school but we are so lucky that Jo lets us use the shop as well so we won't be stuck!

There was a small select group at the March meeting, I think a lot of us were down with the lurgy which has been doing the rounds.

The great thing about guild meetings is that we can access the collective hive knowledge, opinion and wisdom. Pauline was first up with a plea for help finishing this beautiful memory photo quilt for her mother. Opinions were sought on backing and binding. Collectively we helped Pauline choose binding and soothed on the choice of backing.

Here we go! All sorted and looking fabulous.
Last month we did some house blocks for Robin, how cute and colourful are these! I loved making mine.

Barbara's block was colourful and also great fun to do, I loved picking my fussy cut corners.

Swapping featured heavily in this months show and tell, here is Sues cute flurry field mice, sorry Sue I didn't get a very good picture of your cute field mice centres. You will have to take my word on their cuteness!

How very modern! A virtual show and tell! Here is a picture of Katy's whirly gig quilt made from her bee blocks, can't wait to see it in the fabric flesh!

How brilliant is this quilt made from the bee blocks we did for Janice?? And how even more brilliant that she donated it to Project Linus! Janice you are just too kind.

I almost fainted when I saw the back of the quilt!! Until I looked closely and saw it was a cheater print I thought Janice had made all these teensy pinwheel blocks herself .... Fab print. Knowing Janice she could have made all those teensy blocks herself, she's fab!
Catherine showed us her make from a Sheena Norquay class, my poor wee phone struggled to capture the gorgeous details on the beautiful silks. Stunning show and tell!
I had text fabric envy watching Katy working on her EPP, the text fabric is the Jane Austen text fabric. I so need to get some of this.
Are you doing the splendid sampler? How gorgeous are Janes blocks, I know I'm now tempted.

Jacqui knocks it out of the park again with this awesome swoon quilt. Fab colour palette.

Whoof! Look at this beauty of a New York beauty :-) Audrey once again showing her mastery of colour.

Katy showing us the fabric she got from the Hoffman challenge, interesting black and white with a turquoise solid. Watch this space to see what Katy makes with it, knowing her it will be stunning!

Swapping! Are you in the blueberry park Karen Lewis fabric swap?? If so you could be the lucky recipient of Robins very modern improv mini (I don't think it's for me but I wish it was!)
What's this I hear? Another full size quilt from Jaqui??? Why yes and as always it's perfection! Jaquie do you sleep???

Let's leave the meeting with cake, there is always cake and good fun and fellowship, phew, this will squee know under marchs radar. See you in April!

Whoops!! I missed this wonderful cushion from Helen!!! So sorry Helen and it's wonderful too, how could I have missed this, well it's a lovely colourful note to finish on!