Saturday, 30 July 2016

A weekend with Sarah Fielke 1/3

It only seems a few weeks ago that the lovely Robin (@gingerscribble) who always has her finger on the pulse, alerted us to the fact that Sarah Fielke was coming to the UK. *snaps head round* wait a wee minute here, Sarah Fielke?? OK deep breath. Our wonderful president, the ever amazing Jo Avery got right on it. Opportunities like this don't come around that often. Before we knew it there was a whole weekend organised. It all kicked off with a talk by Sarah on the Friday night, she was going to bring some quilts along, fabulous!  So along came Friday night, we gathered in the Eric Liddell center.
Our fabulous President Jo introducing Sarah.  
 Sarah talked us through the fascinating story of her quilting life, I won't replicate that here, but if you ever get a chance to hear her you HAVE to go and not just to see the quilts! She interwove her story with the quilts .... This was first up.
Dotty Dresden, what can I say, for me this was such an eye opener from me when I bought the first material obsession book. The colour the pattern, the life and joy which springs out of this quilt and to see it in real life ....  Sarah took us through her life and her books quilt by amazing quilt. 
Whirligig oh my .... Another favourite of mine from 'quilting from little things' I will admit to hyperventilating at this one šŸ˜Š 
 I remember when Sarah put out the post on her blog about sending her teacup blocks for her birthday. She ended up with well over 100!!! It might have been as much as 400 but honestly by this point in the evening I was so entranced by the quilts I could hardly retain any information! To see her 'all that and the hatter' quilt from 'hand quilts with love' was incredible.
 The story behind 'Little quilts' moved many of us to tears, quilting friends truly are the best. The quilts were stunning too.
Night garden from 'quilting from little things' I know some of the EMQ ladies are going to make this one now after seeing it in the fabric flesh šŸ˜‰. Pssssst, look at Jos face as she helps hold this and the other quilts up, I think that fairly well sums up what we were feeling šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜.
What's that you say Sarah??? We can come down and fondle, sorry admire them in person?? I had to leap out of the way to avoid getting trampled šŸ˜‰.
And fondle and admire we did! Blimey I have never know someone so gracious with their quilts.
Look at Tatyanas face! I love this picture, again sums up far better than my paltry words what we were feeling.              
Could the evening get any better?? Well only if the lovely ladies of the EMQ guild supplied cake and fizz! I think it's mainly thanks to Barbara for the cake. 
Oh boy, that was just the start of the weekend, so I have split it into three posts. Come back to see what we got up to on Saturday. I'll leave you with some more pics from Friday.