Thursday, 17 September 2015

September meeting - quilters welcome!

Oooohhhh what's this all about then?? Quilters welcome? Well of course we are!
Ok follow the signs ....

And follow the smell of fabulous cake!
It was a change of venue for this months meeting, we went back to school ... Audrey was kind enough to see if we could use one of the classrooms in the school where she works.
We like to mix it up a bit in the EMQ you know!
And talking of mixing it up there is no particular order to the pictures this month, let's be random :-)
Last month Jo was kind enough to give us some free fabric which had been donated for charity quilts, as you would expect our ladies took this fabric and worked their own magic on it. Look at what Katie did! One lucky young person will love this quilt.

Sew together bags, can you have enough of them? I think not, Barbara shows us her take on this great pattern. She also gave a plug for the blog tutorial from the quilt barn for it, I an second that plug, it's a great tutorial to help visualise the pattern which is available from sew demented. Barbara's top tip is to cover the ends of the interior zips, makes it easier and less bulky to sew them in.

Great colour choice.
Here you can see the interior with the covered zip ends. Cute interior fabric too!
I was going to apologise for the shockingly bad pictures of Tatyanas quilt! But then I remembered that everyone was soooo keen to hold, touch, feel and fondle this beauty that it was amazing I got any pictures at all :-)
How lovely is this whole cloth double gauze quilt? I wish you could feel it, very soft and snugly.
As ever Tatyana has worked her quiltjng magic with this one, she always seems to know 'exactly' the correct pattern or design which will bring out the best in a quilt.

Are you going to the stitchgathering 2015???? If so you could be the lucky recipient of Robins notions pouch. All hand sewn!! Even the zipper! Major respect to Robin for hand sewing a zipper, I have enough problems machine sewing them ....
Hand quilted too.
I have totally forgotten what this gorgeous improv block was made for and I was obviously too busy admiring it to take any notes on it!! Memo to self, less admiring and more note taking next month. But how gorgeous is it?
Janice took along what was probably my favourite show and tell. The catalogue from the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in the quilt museum in York. Sadly it has ended but from what Janice said it sounds fabulous.

Wow, just wow, a double EMQ show and tell, Lesley made to incredible feathers quilt, now I have struggled with that block and just made two, so major respect for this beauty.
Why is it a double show and tell? Well who could have done this wonderful FMQ ing? Tatyana of course :-) the combination of Lesley's beautiful feathers, sensitive colour choices and complimentary quilting all add up to one very special quilt.
 You could even say this is a triple show and tell as this is Jo's pattern, which Lesley started in Jo's workshop!
OK I am running out of superlatives here :-) ladies! Stop making such super quilts OK! My thesaurus is going into melt down here.
Jaqui is quilt making machine and almost all of her quilting is done by hand as well. This top is so soothing and calming, we had quite a discussion about the colour palette. Teal and Aqua, this is going to be a wedding present, that is one lucky bride and groom.
Who is this shy person hiding behind a "my small world" quilt top?? Ok it's me! I loved making this, great pattern by Jen Kingwell. I think I will stick to quilts with bigger pieces in future though.

Yet again the ladies knock it out of the park, look what Ann did with the fabric we got to make charity quilts. Some orphan animal panels have been transformed into a woodland scene.

Not to be outdone Fiona produced this stunner. Again all from the charity bag of fabric. Man our ladies love a challenge and rise to it every time.
Did I mention the stitchgathering?? Only THE quilting event of the year. Every year Jo sets us a challenge for the ticket, last year we had to embellish tote bags, this year we put our favourite word onto a square of fabric. Pauline was asking advice on her ticket, did we think it needed any more embellishment? The unanimous opinion was that it was pretty perfect as it is.

Small but beautifully formed, that's this mini quilt from Jane, loving the texty background.
The back is pretty spiffy too.

Do you at those beautiful pictures of quilts in magazines and think how fab it would be to see them in real life?? Ok so my photography is not *quite* as good as that of Quilt Now magazine but hey, I got to see a version of Jo Averys Lone Star rising quilt which they featured recently.
Jo is explaining how she FMQ'd it. At the EMQ we get to see top designers showing and telling their quilts, we don't forget how lucky we are!
Extra wide Tula Pink backing.

Let's finish the show and tell with this colourful hexagonal cushion by Audrey, and many thanks to Audrey for sorting out our new venue
Jo was looking at these cute buttons on the back.
Cake mmmmm cake. And gorgeous bee blocks for next month from Jaqui
I'm going to LOVE making these!
Audrey's bee blocks were inspired by this flying geese quilt from 'simply moderne'
Audrey wants white on white, can't wait to make mine and see how it all turns out.
More bee blocks form Helen, string tastic!
Katie's spinning wheels blocks, very interesting, lots of discussion about potential settings, sashings, this one will be one to watch.
Ann and I chose the same solid!
Gratuitous picture of cake.
Lyndsey was jumping up and down for me to take a picture of Lesley. Well Lesley is lovely I thought but why her especially?? Ahhhhhh then I saw the poster Lesley was sitting under :-)

See you next time ladies!