Sunday, 16 October 2016

A weekend with Tartankiwi

What's this?? The tartankiwi?? In Edinburgh??
Why yes šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š we get all the best speakers don'tcha know!! The lovely Juliet was coming across to teach at the stitch gathering, so the EMQG and Jo Avery lost no time in making sure we all got to hear the lovely Juliet speak and see her amazing quilts.
Here she is in the middle, can you see the dress can you?? How sooper awesome is that!
Right enough of the fan girl nonsense! We want to hear Juliet and see the amazing quilts!
The butterfly, where it all started! And how great to hear about Juliets journey.
Awwww the zebra!! Look at the colors! That's my kind of quilt. Look at Jo Avery holding up the other end, she is having a ball! Well we all were šŸ˜Š
You love this one don't you?? Who wouldn't what an amazing piece of quilting art!
Ach words are failing me now, lets let the quilts talk for a little bit.
It always amazes me how gracious quilters are, letting us up close and personal with their creations! Just look at the obscene amount of fondling going on there ....
You've all got this pattern from Love quilting and patchwork right? How appropriate for Scotland!
Ok I'll put my hand up, if I HAD to pick a favorite it would be this one. I need to make this so badly.
 Can you see the dress?? 
The ladies from the EMQG were lucky enough to have a class with Juliet on the Saturday, here is Helen with her gorgeous bird. What another fab weekend for the EMQG.

Octobers - lots of new friends!!!

We have had a bit of a hiatus! We have been meeting but your blog editor has been unable to attend, *tut* normal service resumes! And with a bang as well not one not two but seven new members!! I hope I counted properly I'm rubbish at maths, and as usual the ladies were moving around chatting (and eating cake šŸ˜‰) so much it is difficult to pin them all down šŸ˜‰
Right! Let's get straight into show and tell and meet all of our new chums, I say new but many of these lovely ladies we know from the stitchgathering and Instagram.  (any male quilters in Edinburgh??? We are a friendly bunch, very inclusive you would be most welcome and man the cake at the meetings is awesome as well as the company) So in no particular order we have Ann with her totally amazing Tula Pink hexagonal quilt, way to go Ann, what a fabulous first show and tell.
Next we have Lindsey, with this gorgeous William Morris quilt, I'm a big William Morris fan so thanks for bringing this one along to show us Lindsey, I *may* have gone and bought some more Morris fabric because of it šŸ˜‰
I just always absolutely adore the huge amount of inspiration we get from each other's quilts during the show and tell, Helens quilt was no expectation, done at a class with the fabulous Jo Avery at mybearpawcraft here is her stunning modern sampler. I had to take the picture at a funny angle, the room is tight and you have no idea the contortions your intrepid blog writer has to make to get these 'action shots' šŸ˜Š Just love these colours.
We not only do improv we do wonky too and this is a fabulous example of them both. Heather with her bright and beautiful improv flowers, another class from the sooper talented Jo Avery.
Whooft, look at this! Lucy raises the bar yet again with this stunning circles quilt, loving the lime and black combo.
Ok next up was Sasha and I think it is fair to say there was not a dry eye in the house with this show and tell. This lovely hexie quilt was made by her mother from her children's clothes, Sasha is repairing it and it's still in use. Thanks so much for sharing this Sasha it reminds us of the power of a quilt.
We didn't need to dry our eyes for long because Pam made us misty eyed again with this lovely scrappy trip quilt. Made for her son William, it has his name on the back, awwwwww.
Pam is on the left above and Lindsey is on the right, Lindsey didn't have a show and tell but that's maybe because she was too busy making the totally amazing cakes for our half time tea šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š form an orderly queue ladies and leave some for me!!
Right, enough tea drinking and cake eating let's carry on with show and tell. I loved the my small world quilt along from the pattern by Jen Kingwell which went on last year but my efforts were paltry compared to this stunner from the lovely Madeleine! Look at this lovely quilt!
I think that is all from our new members this month, welcome ladies looking forward to seeing you next month. Let crack on with our sooper fabulous existing members, here is a lovely one from Lucy an 80th birthday present for her mother. Yellow and grey! Now that's a colour combination I am going to use from now on, works so well together.
Sue brought along her finished improv with intent letter from our Sarah Fielke class, it will go to a chum who runs a B&B to help her guests pronounce failte, which means welcome in Gaelic. What a great gift!
Oooohhhhh more Tula pink, love Tula Pink!! And what a great pouch from Anne.
Margaret bought in her baby quilt made from the bee blocks we all gave her, hand quilted as well! A lovely modern take on a baby quilt.
Audrey brought along her child's quilt inspired by Sarah Fielke small quilts, how super is this, so tactile.
Not content with that she also brought along these yoyo Christmas trees! Oh I am so stealing this idea!
and that's it for this month! Apologies to Sheena who did bring in her examples from the workshop on rust and decay from the FOQ but either I was too high in the cake and forgot tot take pictures or I accidentally deleted them .... Sorry Sheena!
See you all next month, in the meantime I am busy pattern testing for our quilt for quilt con!!