Sunday, 26 June 2016

June meeting, shiny pooh!

We always have a giggle at the Guild meetings, Janice was showing us her gorgeous Winnie the Pooh quilt when someone shouted out 'shiny pooh'!!!!

Sometimes it's the small things! It is a gorgeous quilt. And right now I think we all need something to make us giggle.

Now I'm not normally a fan of green but that's the great thing about the guild, it challenges your assumptions, gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you a different side to things. I love this green quilt!

Bee block time! Sue recieved a fantastic array of flying geese block, looking forward to seeing what she makes with it.

New friends! We love making new chums, here is Cathy showing us a gorgeous bag she made. We had a spare slot because sadly last month was Janes last meeting, she has moved to pastures new down in the borders. Good news though is that she is setting up a modern quilt guild down there so I know we will still meet up.

So it is fabulous to say hello Cathy! And even more good news, Lucy will be rejoining us next month after a sabbatical. New chums old chums, that's what it's all about!

Bags, who doesn't love a good bag? And this is a particularly fine specimen from Robin, I can't imagine making one so intricate but I'm now inspired!
It was bags a go go! Yet another fabulous sew together bag from Jacqui! Love love love the pocket interior.


Oh you know we just hang with internationally renowned designers like Jo Avery and get to admire in person her amazing quilts!! (Squee!!) I loved this Fujiwhara quilt when I first saw it in Today's Quilter. I was really really really hoping we would get to see it in the fabric flesh, and we did! Stunning.

Who doesn't like a bit of Kaffe?? Fiona choose big blocks to show off these bold prints. Fab.

Big to small! Cathlenes beautiful secret garden mini.


Awwwww just how cute it this!! Barbara with her Elizabeth Hartman lap quilt, just too sweet!

Great use of flying geese. Sheenas sewing machine cover made from an FMQ workshop with Jo.

Phwoar! How bold and beautiful is this one? Ann manages to bring some sunshine and summer with her Jelly roll quilt. It has velvet binding! Unusual.

Katy shows off the mini she received from Robin in the recent hand pieced mini swap, beautiful work as ever from Robin.



The Riley Blake challenge was indeed challenging this year but I think you will agree that Katy rose magnificently to it!


Sometimes just a few colours and a classic pattern is all you need as Sue demonstrated with her take on the classic Dresden plate.

Oooohhhh what's up for next months bee blocks then? Some HST fun from Lindsey.

And pinky purpley Ohio stars from Cathlene. Looking forward to making these!

Talking of bees, look what Barbara made with the bee blocks she received!

Mmmmmm cake, cherry and chocolate brownies no less, cracking.


Wow, the detail is so fine I didn't really get a picture that would do justice to this amazing mini by Tatyana, incredible quilting, just stunning.


Lastly I got to show off the Tula Pink butterfly quilt I made in 30s repro fabrics.

That's it for this month, see you in July when we will be sampling the delights of "le petit mort" :-)