Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Janice's Bee Block

Hi I'm Janice
I retired a few years ago and as a knitter for many years, I decided to put my pins aside and look at different crafts and recently I discovered quilting and I think I may be hooked.

My sister and my neighbour are both quilters and encouraged by them I tried a couple of small quilts for my granddaughters dolls. I liked it and wanted to explore it further. I signed up for Jo's first 'Stitch Gathering' and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about going along, this was a new experience and a new language (what was a fat quarter!) you also had to make a name badge for someone and decorate your ticket!!

I need not have worried as everyone was very friendly and I learned a lot.

My son found out I was learning a new skill and just to keep me on track he suggested that he and his partner would like a quilt. Liberty fabric would be nice, what can you do it. My first quilt was completed a few weeks ago with a lot of help and encouragement from my sister and neighbour.

When I heard that a Modern Quilt Guild was being started I signed up and am finding it a great way to learn and develop this new found love.

So on to the next one. It was my turn to chose a block this month and I have chosen Kaffe Fassett's 'Shirt Stripe Boxes'. I saw this in London at an exhibition of his work and thought I would like to try making one, it looked quite simple but maybe not as simple as it first looks. However the nice thing is anything goes, stripes can match, make a pattern or be completely random. So I hope people have fun with it.

This is what I have done so far and just in case you were wondering my husband does have some shirts left, most of these I found in charity shops. XXL provides a lot of fabric!

I found this on Pinterest (Kaffe Fassett Shirt Stripe Boxes) it gives an overview of what it might look like.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes back and as we go along trying other people blocks.