Saturday, 13 June 2015

June meeting

We don't like to get stuck in a rut in the EMQG! This months meeting was with a difference, our lovely member Tatyana (all our members are lovely!) very kindly invited us to her house so we could see her long arm machine in action.

WOW, that's all I can say! I think the other ladies agreed by the scrum (very polite scrum though) there was to see and use the machine.


Robin and Lesley admire one of Tatyanas practice pieces .... A practice piece! We would all love practice pieces like this one!

Much fun was had with the long arm and I am fairly sure the consensus was that finances and space permitting we would all love one. Especially if we could get a gorgeous view like Tatyana has.


No meeting would be complete without a show and tell (oh yes and cake! Thanks Tatyana the cake was fab)

So first up were some bee blocks for last month bees, a few more economy blocks for Jo and some more colour hsts for Ann. Both of these quilts will be stunning.


First up on the show and tell portion of the evening was Lynsey with this beautiful bag, my (very) limited photography skills don't really show off the FMQing to its best but it was stunning.


Look what Robin did! The most gorgeous clamshell/scallop mini, from a Love Patchwork and Quilting pattern by our very own Jo Avery. Way to go Robin, this is a cracker.


You need to slow down Robin you are putting us to shame! Look what else she has done, hand piecing, how stunning is this? (Very!)


Not content with giving us Clamshell/hand piecing envy Robin had also made the same bag as Lynsey. Yet again we were all struck by how different the same pattern can be when two people put their own interpretation on colour and construction.

Jo has been keeping us all guessing on Instagram with some beautiful but cryptic posting of some words she has been piecing/embroidering. All was revealed when those of us who are going to the stitch gathering received our tickets. Our brief is to make a word which can then be made into a charity quilt. How utterly fab is that?? I love the fact we have to make our own tickets. I'm going are you?


Now on too the hostess with the mostest! Tatyana showed us this amazing silk quilt she has been quilting for a customer, I know how tricky silk can be but still Tatyana works her magic on this.

Do you recognise this quilt? It's pieced by Jane our secretary, gorgeous and fresh it is enhanced even more by Tatyanas skill with her long arm machine, loving the flower quilting, just right for this quilt.


Last but never ever least we have Jaqui using up scraps. Now this is not a colour combination I would have thought of but I will now! The benefits of being in a guild is the huge amount of inspiration you get from the other members. Loving the off center look. So much movement in a small piece.

We will leave you with one of the many highlights of an amazing evening. High five ladies! See you in July.