Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sheena's Biog and Bee Block

Whilst I'm a recent new comer to patchwork and quilting, I was brought up in a crafty household with a knitting and dress making mum (mind you, didn't all mums do this in the 1960's and 1970's?!).   Therefore I have always done some sort of sewing from making my own clothes as a teenager to lots of curtains and some upholstery more recently.

I did a patchwork evening class back in the early 1990's whilst living in Wiltshire and made a couple of things then including my first quilt: a lap quilt made of liberty fabrics that I went to the Liberty shop in London especially to buy combined with gold upholstery fabric (from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of fabric - and better than it sounds, honest!).  And whilst really enjoying patchwork & quilting, life then got in the way.  Having said that I did keep going to quilt shows just to 'have a look' but I didn't do any more patchwork until three or four years ago when I moved back to Edinburgh and joined the Quilters Guild and attended every workshop that I could find.

I am currently working my way through learning different techniques and am greatly looking forward to having my attic converted in the new year as one of the rooms will be my sewing room.  Bliss!!!  I've also promised myself a new all singing, all dancing sewing machine with money left to me by my mum - a nice memory of her as she was a keen sewer.

For my Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild B-block I have decided to try to design a quilt to raffle to raise money for the charity I work for (I run the marketing & fundraising for Legion Scotland, a charity that helps Scottish veterans, whether they left service yesterday or 50 years ago). This makes use of the charity's logo and brand colours which are two shades of blue and bright red (these represent the army, navy and airforce).

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