Thursday, 12 February 2015



Instagram is a social media sharing application. It allows you to share pictures, either from your file or camera or taken instantly on your smartphone or tablet.

To be able to use Instagram,  you need to download the app either from the play store for android, or itunes for Apple.
You can then register and choose a name - you only need an email address and your user name can be anything,  it doesn't have to be personal or identifiable. You are also able to set your account to private if you wish, in settings. This means no one can see your images unless you have approved them.

What can you do and how to do it?
You can 'follow' other users on Instagram,  and their pictures will then appear in your 'feed', a constant update of picture eye candy. Health warning: checking your feed can become addictive!        
Add your own pictures, add a filter for special effects and add comments. Any of your approved followers can see these.
You will be able to search and also see suggestions of pictures you might like. Pictures are grouped under headings starting with #, for example #EMQG will show you some pictures from our group.
To look for a particular person or show them a post or comment, use @ followed by their name, for example Jo is @mybearpaw.

Instagram is a quick easy way to keep a record of what you make and do, but you will also find support, encouragement and lots of other quilters. There are swaps to join  and lots of other things going on. Have a look around and have fun.

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