Saturday, 25 April 2015

Anne's Bee Block for April 2015

Anne's Bee Block for April 2015

As inspired by a quilt idea on the internet, this month I've chosen as my bee block one made from half square triangles - one half of the triangle is cream fabric (supplied) and the other half is patterned fabric in a specific colour range only. The final block is 4 x 4 half square triangles, with the coloured fabric always in the top left hand corner of each mini block please. Your final block will measure approx 11.5". 

I wish to make my final quilt with one row of yellow blocks, the next row in green tones, then blue, then red and finally purple. Hopefully a rainbow quilt of 5 rows of 4 blocks each! To achieve this please only use one colour range in your block - please use the cream fabric that I have supplied and left with the instructions for the block, in Jo's shop , for those who were not able to make April's Guild Meeting. Thanks. You will see that each instruction sheet gives you a different specific colour range for your bee block. Please stick to the colour on your instruction sheet and choose one that you feel happiest to make your block in! Thanks. 
Any problems please just email me. 

Thanks and happy sewing ! 


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