Saturday, 30 January 2016

What happens in Gartmore stays in Gartmore

Or you write a blog post about it telling the whole world :-)

*warning, long blog post*
It seems many moons ago that Sheena touted the idea of a sewing retreat. Lots of organisation and planning later 7 members of the EMQ rocked up to Gartmore house near Aberfoyle. They had laid on snow especially for us :-)
Nice touch!
Hmmm looks promising.
Following instructions I came to this room, wonder what's behind this lovely door?



A hive of industry that's what!!
After a gorgeous meal and a small glass of wine to two ... We had a show and tell of our first quilts. Here is a gorgeous scrappy trip from Helen.
Fabulous modern sampler from Fiona.
It was a bit chilly in the room!
Fresh and sweet first offering from Ann.
Teeny tiny embroidery from Tatyana!
Lovely pouch from Robin
Sheena brought along this gorgeous Greek cross quilt, part of the fun of showing and telling our first quilts is to remember what we did and didn't know about quilting when we made them, i think at this point we were trying to figure out if there was wadding in the quilt!
I have popper envy, Janice brought along this amazing quilted toy box holder with fabbity giant poppers.
I took along my first table runner, my very first quilted project, I was such a rookie I quilted it without a walking foot ...


On the Saturday morning I was approached at the breakfast buffet by a lady asking if I was with the quilters, she had seen the sign at the entrance. It turned out she was a fellow quilter who was so chuffed to come through for a chat. I *think* her husband was as enthusiastic, that was how I interpreted his eye rolling :-)


All hail the sewing gods!! It's ok it's not some weird ritual, many of us were suffering sore necks/shoulders. Sheena had some fab exercises to keep up moving. Some youngsters who were at the hotel for choir practice saw us through the door ... They ran off when we turned round!!

Saturday night ....

There was more to Saturday night than wine ...


There was the pincushion swap! There was an animal theme, we all made them and entered them anonymously then voted for the winners.




It was a draw!

Janice and Helen very worthy winners, sharing the prize. We each got one to take back with us

Sewing sewing sewing, lots of sewing ...



Lots of fun, lots of laughter.



Finishes! Well done Helen!

Ooohhh handbags

View from the sewing room on the Sunday.

Sheena our fab organiser has a finish!

Robins fabulous blocks


Tatyana our long arm quilter extraordinaire is taking some inspiration from the beautiful ceiling in the lounge.

Anne and Fiona organised a thank you from all of us for the lovely Sheena who did such a great job or organising it.
One of the lovely Gartmore house staff braved the elements to take a picture of us all with our finishes. I. Far left and had the most minute finish of all. A sore neck prevented anything bigger! But I had a blast. Gartmore we will return.


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