Sunday, 12 February 2017


Ahhhhhhh Gartmore, this stunning house seems to have become our annual retreat. 
After the roaring success of last years retreat the lovely Sheena (@auburnstitches) kindly volunteered to organize another. Let's face it, January is a pretty miserable month, ages to go till pay day, cold dark and miserable, all the hype of Christmas is over. So having this to look forward to is such a treat! It's all paid up for in advance so all you have to do is rock up with your sewing stuff and have fun!
We had the same cosy room to sew in, same lovely staff, same gorgeous food (OMG the food, the cake, the breakfasts .... ok diet begins in February šŸ˜‰) what's not to love??
I actually don't know where to start! So I will just dive in, forgive me if this is not in chronological order but there is just so much to remember and get down.
Your intrepid blog writer had managed to injure herself, again! This seems to be a recurring theme ... never mind everyone looked after me, there were seven of us which is a nice number for the size of the room. We were all working on different things, some great things about the room, coal fire, mmmm toasty! Also huge big table to lay things out plus we also got to use a couple of the other rooms to lay things out on the floor.
So what were the crew working on?
Lucy was working on this quilt with gorgeous William Morris prints, I adore the yellowy mustard co-ordinating print, just make it for me. Lucy said she had never done Fmq before ... what? Seriously? Look at it! Amazing fmqing! You are a natural Lucy! 
What's next?? Awww I loved seeing this one come together, lovely sunny bright prints. Pauline was putting her bee blocks from the guild together. 
I could see Paulines sunny smile from my work station šŸ˜Š.
On Friday night we had a quiz arranged by our fantastic organiser Sheena, here she is in full Bamber Gasgoine mode (I know I'm giving my age away šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚) 
Sheena puts her heart and soul into organising the retreats, we said it often enough during the weekend but I'll say it again here, thank you Sheena! The quiz was great fun, and we learned loads! This has to become a regular part!
The winning team!
Here is Sheena iwith the cushion which was one of the projects she was working on, it's to match the one she is holding up. So soft and warm, beautiful. 
Oooohhh mysterious šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š Margaret looking all Mata Hari! Hand quilting her stunning batik quilt. 
Helen took the opportunity to lay out her charm square quilt on one of the large floors, loving the corals and teals.
Helen also worked on this fun childrens panel, all some texture with prarie points.
Not content with these two, Helen also worked on her bee blockd from the guild, I adore this string quilt, I'm really going to have to make one!
 Now gimme an awwwwww šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
Here is Sheena with Gartmore bear made by the lovely Janice. Gartmore got quite a few hugs throughout the weekend.
Janice also made this totally adorable pinafore, you might not be able to make it out but the pocket is a William Morris strawberry thief print.
Last but not least Ruth and I had decided to make the Seahorse pattern by Tartankiwi.
We managed to get a fair bit done, I got the body done and Ruth managed the head, so here is our Frankenstein seahorse šŸ˜Š
On the Saturday night Sheena organised a quilt competition the theme was red, here are all our entries, can you guess which won?
 Ooohhhhh aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh I can't find a picture of Ruth's entry, you can see the bottom of it in the above picture, just take my word that it is sooper fab??? 
The winning entry was Helens the first picture above, pretty stiff competition!
So we had to get some group pictures, as you can see the ladies took this seriously .....
Ok take two?
*sigh* serious faces please chaps!
Oh I give up!!!! But I think you get a flavour that this was fab fun and certainly to be repeated.
Let's say thanks to Sheena again.
Rightyho, we will say cheerybye for now, normal meeting blogs will resume. 
But Gartmore, this is merely au revoir, not goodbye šŸ˜Š.

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