Monday, 8 January 2018

Bidding Adieu to 2017: Pappersaxten does Edinburgh!

It's been a few months since the last blog and we have been super busy in that time, charity quilts, teaching, fantastic workshop and lecture by Jenny Haynes, 3 meetings (well one involved cosmos, martinis and good old vino - what's on tour stays on tour). So to begin where we left off....

At the beginning of October we were visited by the talented Jenny Haynes aka Pappersaxten who gave us a fascinating talk on her life in design and textiles and her childhood in Sweden.

Plus we got to see her inspiring pattern drafting work in her magnificent trunk show.

After such an inspiring talk we were totally ready to get curvy and make.

We had an all day session (not the gin kind!) using a range of patterns.  Jenny was hugely generous with her tips and advice on getting the best piecing technique and her templates made it a joy.

It was definitely a heads down and sew day as we all wanted to get as far as we could.  Some started big projects, full quilts while others tested themselves with perfect cushions.

 Above all we had loads of fun!

Finishes will appear over the course of the monthly meetings I'm sure.

As autumn crept into winter we met shivering warmed only by the quilty action on show. Oh and tea and cake of course!

In our October meeting we were definitely feeling the heat of colour from our bee blocks.

Margaret received a tropical cocktail...

Now your author knows what happened to these blocks but I'm not going to tell.  I'm sure the finish won't be long in appearing on a blog soon (as long as your humble author pulls her finger out and writes them!).

Pam (your slow blogger) was overwhelmed with the wonky jewels which I can't wait to put together.

Most of Madeline's Minecraft blocks from an earlier meeting came together.  You can see the fab quilt top here.

To add to the full on riot of colour in this meeting we got all the fantastic solids from the Augusta MQG plus our own and devised a plan which I'll cover later on.

After fortification of cake and tea we went around the group to see progress on WIPs and finishes.  In September we started a UFO challenge and the first entries started coming in.

Cathlene's bee block big hexies - we like big hexies we cannot lie! The baba who receives this gets a hug from the guild but it's Cathlene's skill that brings it all together.

Just in time for Halloween Kate's spooky dresden is a charm!

 Sue was very quick to turn her block from Jenny's workshop into a cushion.  There were many oohs and ahhs and changes of plan after seeing how she used thin binding which we all thought was piping.  The oohs and aahs continued when Diane pulled her's out the bag - a dead-heat in the finish race.

Fresh from My Bearpaw's 2017 Stitchgathering (also in October) we had Suzanne with her cushion made from Mandy Munroe's free form workshop adding to the glow of solids at the meeting.  Sheena had her fez, no I mean rope bowl, from Julie Rutter's workshop which was a really fun make.  Sheena also attended a fascinating multi-day workshop at the Festival of Quilts where she used leaves to dye images onto various fabrics. We all agreed these were amazing both in terms of process and result.

And there's more! Mags has done an amazing job with her first full quilt FMQ on these two vibrant beauties destined for charities.  The woman is a quilt making machine! 

Margaret used leftover scraps from a previous show and tell for this gorgeous cushion with immaculate hand stitching.

I have to apologise at this point as my (non-existent) notetaking has failed me.  I think this amazing lonestar belongs to Heather (because I can see her on the photo!) or was she just being helpful holding it and it is Fiona's? And the gorgeous B&W&R matrix is that Fiona's or Anne's? Both UFO/WIPs for the challenge!

So that was October.... I'll allow you all to rest and you can catch up on November and December next šŸ˜‡

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