Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meet Lucy

Hi everyone, Lucy here. 

Early childhood memories and photographs remind me of the fact that I was a “cloth kits” kid. My mum would make me some unusual clothes from pre-printed fabric patterns and make my sister and I wear them. I was usually in red and my sister in blue, somehow my brother escaped the privilege! I do remember the lovely noise of scissors cutting through endless yards of fabric; and my sister and I using my mum's machine to make perforations in paper to make stamps for our post office.

I really had no other connections with sewing or quilting until my last daughter was born over 6 years ago. A lovely girl Sarah, was in my antenatal group, she worked at Avery Homestore and introduced me to Jo and the world of sewing.

I went to Jo’s Log Cabin class and made my first cushion cover and was hooked. I loved the fact that you could make something look really good from just sewing bits of fabric together. I went on to enjoy more classes and finally made a quilt for Molly (my middle one) – who still giggles at the corners of her quilt – precision is not my strong point.

Cara’s (my little one) quilt was made with stars and squirrels – she loves it. 

Jenny (my oldest one) has her peekaboo quilt through in Glasgow with her. The latter is probably my favourite as it took lots of thought and a little skill to remember how to do the peekaboo love hearts.

I have chosen a child friendly Bee Block to make a cot quilt for my niece. She is expecting a little baby in January. She was diagnosed with cancer aged 19 and she was told that she would not be able to become pregnant after all her treatments, but incredibly she is and she and the bump are doing very well. So a bright, fun, happy quilt will be a perfect gift from the mad great aunt (to be) to her little miracle baby.

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