Thursday, 9 July 2015

Quiltcon Charity quilt

The EMQG completed the Quiltcon Charity Challenge earlier in the year. The idea was to use a set palette of colours, and come up with a modern quilt design, for display at Quiltcon, the annual conference of the Modern Quilt Guild. It was then to be used in some way for a local children’s charity. All our members donated fabric, blocks, time and love making this quilt, and it got some special treatment on Tatyana’s long arm machine.

Lesley suggested The Yard in Edinburgh as the receiving charity, as she has known a few people who have used it.

The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

The Yard is an amazing space, catering for all ages and abilities. The children can use the sensory room, kitchen, art room, play space and outdoor adventure playground seven days a week. What is lovely is that it is a place that families can play together with the support of volunteers, and kids of all abilities can come and enjoy play at the same level.

The Yard also supports children right the way through into adult hood, with various youth groups and clubs available to allow them to feel more independent.

You may remember The Yard from the BBC programme DIY SOS, when the place was overhauled in under two weeks with the help of volunteers from all trades across Edinburgh. However, it still costs over £600,000 a year to run The Yard, with a combination of permanent staff and volunteers. They receive a small amount from the council, and require to fundraise the rest.

Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild have donated their Quiltcon quilt made for the Quiltcon Charity Challenge 2015 to the Yard. Anna, the fundraising manager was delighted to receive it, and the volunteers suggested it would be well received by the children, as it is a great weight for snuggling.

It’s final purpose is yet to be decided – whether by the children, as some art on the wall or as a fundraising piece for them…but it will certainly be put to good use.

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