Monday, 31 July 2017

July meeting - 1st and most recent quilts

Lets start with the bee blocks! What a lot of lovely stars for Ann, who is a real star herself as she is going to make a quilt for siblings together with them. The theme for this months show and tell was first and most recent quilts. Its lovely revisiting our first quilts and seeing how far we have come. But before we delve in, lets pretend my pictures did not get all jumbled up when i uploaded them to flickr and i was too tired to sort them out into order?? Pretty please? *mwah* thanks. Soooo in absolutely no particular order we have- Anns first quilt a really lovely log cabin
Dianes latest quilt a really lovely lone star (told you the order was random!)
This was such a poignant story from Angela, this is a happy cheery quilt which helped her work through grief. I think we can all relate to how quilting helps us in times of stress. 
The latest quilt from Audrey, a wonderful medallion quilt.
Awww this one is very special too! A star wedding quilt from Fiona for her son, she made the label from her own wedding dress!
Do you recognise this quilt?? It was the unknown one from the last sewing day! Yep it is the latest quilt from Liz, made from two layer cakes!
A lovely hexie quilt the first one ever made by our chair, Cathlene.
Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh guess who cant read their own notes .... i know this is Audreys first quilt then the writing is illegible! Sorry Audrey!
Adrienne brought in her sketchbook and some utterly glorious cushions!
Ruth has recently become well hooked on paper piecing. How utterly adorable is that small seahorse!!
I wish i had Sheenas eye for design i really do, here is her pixelated interpretation of an old house. Beautiful.
Blimey, was i on the gin that night? More illegible handwriting, i know this is Margarets but according to my notes the first is the latest quilt and its a batik headboard?? Sorry Margaret, but it is stunning! 
Ruth apologies that this is out of focus! Which is s shame because your little Red improv mini is sooooooo cute!
Some more of Adriennes lovely cushions!
Liz didnt have her first quilt so here is her first one which was accepted for an exhibition, well done Liz!
Back to Diane and here is her first beautiful blue quilt.
Angelas first quilt, its funny how so many of us mentioned that we knew so little when we started and used wrong  wadding etc but the end product is still amazing.
I know i have missed some out there seems to have been a bit of an upload fail! Sorry! Your humble blog writer aims to do better next time.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time!

    I've recently moved to the area and am interested in becoming a guild member. Where might I find information about joining EMQG?