Sunday, 23 July 2017

Just to be sociable

There is a saying in our house when the gin gets opened "och well just to be sociable" šŸ˜Š. When a member asked in our facebook group why people joined the guild a good many cited the social aspect of being in the guild. So this seems like a good time to put up a post about a recent sewing day the guild had. Our wonderful secretary Helen found a room for hire in Edinburgh at a reasonable rate (hens teeth, they are like hens teeth!) This was the second sewing get together day the guild has had snd by all accounts a great time was had! I couldn't go so thought i had got off the hook for writing a blog post but an email pinged into my inbox from the lovely Audrey which said "i thought if Sheila was here she would be snapping away for the blog!" That really made me laugh, thank you Audrey, it allowed me and everyone else to join in virtually. Ooohhhh nice blocks Helen and do i spy a rather fab sewtogether bag from the last sewing day?
I have no idea who did these but i adore that fabric! 
Nope, no idea whose this is but i need those polar bears.
Penguins!! Ok own up who made these sooper cute blocks?
Ah now this i do know because if you come back for the next blog post you will see it finished in the show and tell!
Ahhh now i do know who made this, the gorgeous Mags! Part of the tartankiwi woodland2 quilt along on instsgram.
Awww no mistaking that beautiful smile, Pam with her wonky dresden.
Another lovely smile from Adrienne, mmmmm purple grey and black! A winning combo.
Intense concentration from Heather, and another stunning sewtogether bag on the table!
Fingers crossed i make the next one! 

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