Sunday, 4 June 2017

May meeting, quilt group or book group?

The answer is both! We decided as part of the show and tell to bring along a quilting book which has inspired us. What a fabulous selection we got!
First up is the quilt cook book! Pam loves this becuase of the modern slant on sampler quilts.
A firm favourite with a lot of us, Sarah Fielke Little quilts, this was chosen by lovely Barbara who is not very well at the moment, get well soon Barbara! This book is grest inspiration if you are doing mini swaps.
Next up was Sheenas choice, well we are a modern quilt guild so we choose modern quilt books!
Talking of modern you dont get much more modern than Nancy Crow! Chosen by new member Angela, great choice Angela, i cant wait to see the exhibition of quilts by Nancy Crow at the Festival of Quilts!
Susan Briscoe! Fabulous book, she gave a great talk to the region 16 area day recently so fab choice Diane, what an exclectic mix from our members!
Oh squee, this is my choice! I learned so much about my sewing machine from this book, incredible instructions.
 Now i hadnt come across this book before Quilt Love, but after hearing Adrienne talk about it how the quilts tell a story. I so want to go out and buy it!
Tula Pink! Well of course, we couldnt miss out Tula Pink and this is a modern classic, chosen by Ann.
Oooohhhhh now this is interesting too! Jo Averys choice, this is a book from the 80s but to see the quilts you would think they were done yesterday, so modern looking too. A real find.
last but most certainly not least here is Suzannes choice, Quilt me by Jane Brocket. Jane was the first quilter I followed, Suzanne loves her use of recycled fabrics, i love her use of colour and pattern.
So where is the show and tell!! Fear not that will be in another blog post, i thought about just keeping this one for the books. Watch this space!!

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