Friday, 23 June 2017

Member profile, Our Chair!

*editors note* - Lets all have a huge shout out to all the Guild committee members out there, folks who give a lot of their free time and energy to help keep our guilds running smoothly. So it seemed very appropriate to kick off our new series of new member posts with our fabbity new Chair, Cathlene. You do a great job Cathlene, now over to you!

Hello! I'm Cathlene, I've been a member for about two years now and I'm currently the chair of the EMQG. I've been making quilts for almost half my life. My very first quilts were for me and my sister and were single bed sized, 4-patch blocks with sashing, I used the sew right-sides together method of binding and the quilting was thread ties!   They were made with fabric from Laura Ashley as I had a weekend job there at the time and I got a lovely discount and got first dibs at the sale stuff. As far as I know they're still on the beds for my kids at my mum's house...

My skills, fabric and quilting choices have improved over time and I now throw in dressmaking and sometimes the knitting of accessories, into what (little) spare time I now have! I'm pretty much entirely self taught having only attended two patchwork / quilting classes and the 2016 Stitch Gathering. I love brightly coloured rainbow based quilts, hand quilting and free motion quilting.  I don't often follow quilt patterns from start to finish, I mostly see something I like, draft it up in good old PowerPoint (my image processing software of choice!) and start making it.

*editor* Here are some of Cathlenes wonderful creations:

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