Friday, 9 June 2017

May! The quilt group not the book group šŸ˜Š

You know that thing when you realise that the next meeting is imminent and you still haven't done all your blog posts?? Yes - that šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

Blimey im in danger of loosing my "social media empress" tiara, I've always wanted a tiara .... Right enough of this rambling and onto the meeting. You saw we had some fabulous book suggestions so now to see what fabby show and tells we had. First up more new members!! Fab, we love new chums.  Welcome Angela and Suzanne! Lets get introduced.
Wow!! We are off to a fabulous start with this beauty from Angela, am i reading my notes correctly? This is epp'd?? Goodness me stunning looks incredible in these African fabrics, a very warm welcome to the guild Angela!
Up next is Suzanne! Eh dear my poor photography doesnt do this justice (hold the quilts still for me a bit ladies, always welcome!)
Suzanne has a love for recycling old fabrics and textiles, a beautiful example to show us your style Suzanne! A very warm welcome to you too.
Oh goodness me!! Wow look at this! Now its Ann and my notes say Tula Pink 100 blocks but then i thought was that the book recommendation or the quilt?? Ach this is s stunner whatever!! Well done Ann, great work as ever.
Awwwww Helen! Some gifted panels got turned into Linus quilts and Helen made a super job of hers.
All of the Helens are producing fab work! Here is our other Helen with some sublime colour choices here. Pattern by Jo Avery, crockery done in Kaffe, match made in heaven.
And you deserve to smile Sheena! Great piece of modern quilting your beautiful improv cushion.
Diane brought along this amazing memory quilt she made for a friend, made with pieces of the friends mothers clothing, how powerful a memory quilt can be.
Oooohhhh Helen again! Helen A. to be precise šŸ˜Š Quilt made with her bee blocks from the last bee round. A great stash buster and looks stunning.
Hussif! 'Bless you!' Ahhh the old ones are the best šŸ˜Š This is by Angela, made from the pattern by Sarah Fielke, the third picture down is the version made by Robin, and blow me ive forgotten to note down what a hussif is but i think we can all agree they are lovely.
 Wow! More uber modern work from Ann! Great improv letters! Plus kaleidoscope quilt.
I think we all agree that no one does feathers quite like Jo Avery and we all get to see it in the quilty fabric flesh šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š.
Sweet šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ lets end on this cute hexagon cushion from Diane.
Righty ho folks! See you next time. Happy stitching. 

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